Friday, February 19, 2010


When I decided to write a blog I never intended to make it a daily journal however, I certainly intended to keep it up. I have failed to do that but in my defense, I have been busy with other pressing issues. Modlife is now on and I am thrilled to report that we have over 80 items posted with various photos, accurate dimensions and detailed description of our inventory. In the past month we have sold dozens of vintage modern furnishings to various designers in New York. I was rather suspicious as to why all the clientele was coming out of New York and then I discovered an Apartment Therapy story on which highlighted a pair of my Ward Bennett sleigh chairs (now sold) with a link to my storefront on the website. Lesson? Go global. There are those who like to see and feel the furniture, "kick the tires" if you will, but as we have become electronic consumers it does not seem to matter if we are buying shoes, soap, a television or a chair - we have come to trust buying online as a preferred way of shopping.

That being said, we have updated our website: as well. We now feature, in addition to our inventory, a gallery page which displays vignettes of furnishings in our showroom complete with lighting art and accessories. We also added "Mod Makeover" which shows the "Before and After" images of reinvented furnishings including chairs, case goods, lighting, etc.

Finally, we have been fortunate to exhibit some local talent here in our showroom. Our 5 year anniversary in October (wow! it has been a long time since my blog updates) we sponsored "ARTiversary" a cocktail reception celebration featuring 3 Chicago artists; Paul Roberts, Mel Platzke and John Park. We completely sold out of Mel Platzke pieces but he has worked diligently to restock us with a few more pieces and they just keep getting more amazing.

Well that is all I have to report now but I promise to be more frequent with news, updates and mod stories.


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