Sunday, September 19, 2010

KRENIT BOWLS by Herbert Krenchel

Krenit Bowls are the invention of mid century designer Herbert Krenchel in 1953 and derived it's name from the combination of "Krenchel" and "eternit" (a fiber cement used for the coating of the exterior of the bowls). Manufactured in Denmark, the bowls were produced in an assortment of vibrant interior colors with a clear coat of enamel and matt black on the outside. They came in an assortment of serving and portion sizes and used for salads, fruit, etc.
In 1954, the design won a gold medal award in Milano, Italy. Production came to an end a decade later after over one million units were produced.
Like much of the great modern designs of the 20th century which have gained recently popularity in the collectors market, these have been recently reproduced for the contemporary consumer who does not want to scout for the originals. They are manufactured by Norman Copenhagen but they differ from the originals in that they typically have the same color inside and out and are limited in color scheme., i.e., white, black, green and blue and are more shallow in shape.
If you are a purist and covet the originals like me, you can find them online or contact Modlife @ for pricing and sizes as shown in the image above.